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> In a recent bug report, I came across this disparity,
> npm2deb creates source packages with node- prefix. I think the policy
> should be updated to reflect this.

As I mentioned on that bug report, not all javascript is node or npm. It would 
be totally inappropriate to rename jquery or mathjax as node-jquery or 

My d3-format source package provides both node-d3-format and libjs-d3-format, 
which is a standalone javascript library that doesn't need node at all. The 
build does not need NPM, and it needs nodejs only to run uglifyjs. Calling a 
package node-XXX just because a build tool uses /usr/bin/nodejs is ridiculous, 
we might as well rename all/most packages to cc-XXX or gcc-XXX.

More generally we should be liberating as many Debian javascript packages as 
possible from the shackles of the neoliberal "free-market" npm "ecosystem".


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