On 2017, ഡിസംബർ 1 4:08:53 PM IST, Ben Finney <bign...@debian.org> wrote:
>Ross Gammon <javascr...@the-gammons.net> writes:
>> This tripped me up too when packaging something that needed the
>> system-wide installed Tasks.
>So the Debian packages install the plug-ins, in such a way that it
>doesn't work by default with Debian-packaged ‘grunt’?

No, grunt upstream does not support loading tasks from a global path and plugin 
packages cannot fix this. Its against nodejs culture of forcing local 

>That seems like a bug in packaging those Debian package. Which package
>‘grunt’ or the plug-in packages – should I report a Debian BTS bug for?

This will have to be a feature we add to debian's grunt. It already has some 
basic support and has scope for improvement.
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