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I would like to request the removal of the "libjs-jquery-dotdotdot"
package from unstable.  Even though the official maintainer is listed as
the "Debian Javascript Maintainers", I was the person responsible for
packaging the software and have been monitoring it since it was

The reason I am asking for the removal is because upstream has decided
to change the license of the software from Expat to CC-BY-NC-4.0, which
is non-free according to the DFSG.  With this change, I do not intend to
maintain this package anymore, and it is also not possible to upgrade it
due to the license change (please note that the current version shipped
by Debian is still free).  There are no reverse dependencies to this
software at the moment, which makes it a good time to remove it from the

I had packaged this software because it is a dependency for pagure,
another package that I am working on.  In the interest of removing
non-free dependencies from a Free Software project, I have also filed a
bug against upstream pagure asking the project to stop using the
"dotdotdot" library:

Thank you in advance.

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