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On Thu, 28 Dec 2017 09:11:00 +0000 Niels Thykier <>
wrote:> Sure; the idea more about you developing the prototype in a separate
> package and less about the concrete name of the package.  We can also do
> it inside debhelper, but then you get changes at the pace of debhelper
> releases plus the stability woes/guarantees of debhelper (e.g. at some
> point it will take compat bumps to fix things).

I just found out nodejs-dev has some basic debhelper plugin
may be we can extend that.

> If those are "good enough" for you, then I am fine with going that
> direction.
> >> FTR, I know next to nothing about grunt/nodejs builds, so I am a poor
> >> choice for driving such a prototype.  However, I am happy to assist with
> >> the debhelper integration bit.
> > 
> > I think it does not need any nodejs knowledge. If you find a
> > Gruntfile.js or, just call "grunt build".
> > 
> > Same for gulp, if you find a Gulpfile.js, just call "gulp build".
> > 
> > Also for cake, if you find Cakefile, just call "cake.coffeescript build".
> > 
> I assume that the above instructions cover "dh_auto_build" and
> "auto-detection".  What do I do for:
>  * dh_auto_configure?  (Nothing?)

I did not have to use this yet, so we can skip it for now I guess.

>  * dh_auto_test? (<tool> test | <tool> check?)

yes, for the most cases, but since many test dependencies are not yet
packaged, we may skip it too for now.

>  * dh_auto_install?  (<tool> install DESTDIR=.../debian/tmp/ ?)

npm2deb creates debian/install file and I think dh_auto_install can be

>  * dh_auto_clean?  (<tool> clean?)


> Should I pass any flags for some tools to (e.g.) disable internet usage,
> tweak which tests are being run, choose where stuff is installed,
> whether files are minimized, etc.?

I don't think there is any standard way of doing such things. I think we
can expect them to be handled manually for now.

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