Hi Gordon,

I was browsing through the open RFSes and found this one, which is
open since a while!

Did you try to find a sponsor within the js team? Maybe that would 
have made things quicker...

As I do not find any trace that this has been communicated to the 
js team (but you are member of the team appereantly I'm going to upload
it to the DELAYED/10 queue and CC the JS team / Uploader to intervene
if necessary. The JS team or David might want to accelerate this, if
(Just a precaution, I do not believe that this is a upload out of the

First thanks for updating the package and I think it is reasonable
to take the intermediate version!

I've checked the changes and I think they are ok.

However, it would be great if you could consider adding yourself as
Uploader and also the "privacy-breach" lintian warnings (but as they
are in the examples, this is not a show-stopper)

Many thanks for your contributions to Debian!


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