Il 16/01/2018 07:24, Pirate Praveen ha scritto:
> Control: tag -1 help
> code is pushed to
> some dependencies are still in NEW which I have added to
> 287 passing (1s)
>   15 failing

I am not sure if I have time to look at this today, but I'd like to mention that
for JS errors like these sometimes it's very useful to use the Chromium 


Procedure tested on sid target and buster client:

1. start your nodejs app on the target with --inspect-brk, for example:
nodejs --inspect-brk /usr/lib/nodejs/mocha/bin/mocha -u tdd

it will print something like:
Debugger listening on ws://

then stop at the first JS line

2. open Chromium on the client and go to chrome://inspect
   click on "Open dedicated DevTools for Node" 
   and add the hostname:9229 to the list

It should connect automagically even if the client can be on a different 
unless you have picky firewalls inbetween ...


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