Il 17/01/2018 12:47, Pirate Praveen ha scritto:
> On 2018, ജനുവരി 17 4:54:11 PM IST, Pirate Praveen <> 
> wrote:
>> These warnings are gone with latest versions of base but it will break
>> snapdragon. New version of snapdragon does not depend on base, but it
>> will break braces. But braces upstream is not interested to update to
>> newer snapdragon, but he is open to pull requests.
>> So the solution is to update braces to use snapdragon 0.11.

OK so the developer of braces (jonschlinkert) refused to update one of braces 
dependencies (snapdragon) to a version that in turn drops a dependency on 
another one of his 1397 packages (base) ?
Ah the delights of the JS ecosystem !

But back to our issue, I follow you on 887500, but I am unsure whether 887497 
really blocks 886404 ?

I mean, only one of the 4 Critical dependency warnings seems related to 
/usr/lib/nodejs/base/utils.js (node-base)

The other 3 are related to:

Pravi, are you sure that all the webpack "Critical dependency" warnings would 
go away with the latest version of base ?


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