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Martin Borgert wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> Package name    : libjs-openpgp
> Version         : v0.10.1
> Upstream Author : OpenPGP Development Team <l...@openpgpjs.org>
> URL             : http://openpgpjs.org/
> License         : LGPL3+
> Programming Lang: JavaScript
> Description     : OpenPGP JavaScript Implementation

OpenPGP.js is in even better shape today when this bug was filed, but it
hasn't been included in debian yet.  This is an e-mail asking about the
best next steps to get it into Debian.

(btw, URL should be https://openpgpjs.org/ these days)

I need OpenPGP.js in debian in order for me to upload the upcoming
enigmail 2.0 release, because enigmail 2.0 includes OpenPGP.js, and
upstream only has the minified versions available, which clearly isn't

I'm not very skilled with the node/grunt toolchain in debian, or with
the current debian javascript packaging policy but i'd be happy to learn
if someone wants to give me pointers.

the upstream documentation looks like it can prepare everything for
publication with:

    npm install
    npm test

but that itself looks likely to use network access which is something we
can't depend on during the debian build.

Should i try to follow the npm2deb guidance here:


or is there a better approach?

Also, is libjs-openpgp still the best-practice name for the debian
package for OpenPGP.js?  I'd be happy to take over this RFP if i can get
guidance from wiser javascript people about this.


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