On 07-Mar-2018, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Ben Finney (2018-03-07 01:04:19)
> > $ cat ./source/foo.js
> > "use strict";
> > import 'backbone';
> > 
> > So the Debian package dependencies are all satisfied, but these are
> > not sufficient for Webpack to resolve the Backbone dependencies.
> Backbone by design avoids dependency on jQuery.

And yet, a very simple application that *only* requests ‘backbone’
will fail to build with Webpack because Backbone tries to find jQuery.

In other words: The expectation is that installing Debian packages
‘webpack’ ands ‘node-backbone’ should allow the above application to
build with Webpack.

So, something is wrong with the Debian Backbone, or the Debian
Webpack, or something else.

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