On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 04:59:16PM +0200, David Paleino wrote:
> Is there any other patch you would recommend? I'll add them in future 
> revisions.

I'm not sure.  There's high demand for raw MD5, but the implementation
is non-optimal and I don't recall whether the "fmt" file is explicitly
freely licensed or public domain.  Other than that, the raw MD5 code in
the latest jumbo patch is fairly reliable and portable.

> It's a gcc-4.3 bug, which is going to be solved soon on arm (aprox. next 
> week).
> But I'm currently in a hurry -- I really want the new john to enter Lenny.

Oh, that's OK.

> So I just patched your src/Makefile:

I don't think you had to.  You can invoke make like:

make targetnamehere OPT_NORMAL=

I've just confirmed that it works as intended.

>         CFLAGS += -funroll-loops

This is slightly wrong.  It alters behavior on non-ARM by having both
-funroll-loops and -finline-functions active for source files compiled
with OPT_INLINE.  Previously, -funroll-loops was not active for those
source files.

So I suggest that you simply alter the make invocation on ARM.


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