2008/6/2 David Paleino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi all guys (CCing my "old" sponsor, who is in the team as well),
> a new upload for john is ready. This adds some "new" features to john, as well
> as solves a build-time problem on ARM machines. Here's the .dsc:

Great thanks!

It seems somebody already uploaded it. One question, though: it would
be wise to reflect in the debian/NEWS.debian file the fact that this
release does not (any longer) run a cronjob to test the users's
passwords. This was removed in 1.6-40.1 (not your fault actually) and
is a functionality loss which might surprise some admins upgrading to

Should I draft a NEWS.Debian?

It would be nice if somebody also tested upgrades from previous
releases (with local changes to the .conf file or with no changes) to
see how it behaves.



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