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I'm hereby orphaning john.

It should be "team maintained", but I'm really the only one working on it. I've
done a big effort on looking for copyright issues on it [0] [1] [2], and on
patches [3] I was going to apply on the newest release, but now I feel I can't
keep up anymore with its maintainance.

Solar Designer, the upstream developer, is really collaborative: anyone with a
minimum of C knowledge, and some time, could easily maintain it. It has quite
some bugs I didn't have the time/the will/the ability to fix, so please also
look at them before going ITA.

Here's the package description:

 john, mostly known as John the Ripper, is a tool designed to help systems
 administrators to find weak (easy to guess or crack through brute force)
 passwords, and even automatically mail users warning them about it, if it
 is desired.
 It can also be used with different cyphertext formats, including Unix's
 DES and MD5, Kerberos AFS passwords, Windows' LM hashes, BSDI's extended DES,
 and OpenBSD's Blowfish.

I've done some work in git -- there's a new upstream version 1.7.3-1 ready to
go in, but I'm orphaning *before* getting it in. Please take a look at the
repository [4] too.

There's a pkg-john project on Alioth [5]: I will handover administrative rights
to whoever adopts john.



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