Because Kid3 is an extra KDE program, its translations are included in 
the package, and not in the KDE language packs. So if you have Kid3 
installed, you have also the German translation installed. I suppose 
that the fallback was set to German, which would be an explanation for 
the German interface elements.

Another question is why Polish was selectable. The next version of Kid3 
will have a Polish translation, but in 0.10 there is no Polish 
translation and thus this option should not be offered. The system will 
look through all translation directories for a translation file, 
so you can check what's going on by starting Kid3 like this:

strace -e trace=file /usr/bin/kid3

Then go to "Switch application language" and look at the trace output. I 

access("/usr/share/locale/pl/LC_MESSAGES/", R_OK) = 0

but you should not have a Polish on your system.

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