Hello dear reader,

I am Mr Steve Smith. I am a UK citizen aged 58. I am a retired hospital porter. 
I am married to my wife Mrs. Ida Smith with no kids. I am currently suffering 
from a Potentially Fatal Heart Defect which means i have few days left to leave 
on this Earth as my team of doctors has pronounced.

I am currently the winner of the Britains National Lottery worth 19million 
pounds (38Million Dollars) held last month, January 2008. It was by an extra 
stroke of luck that my wife and I stopped off on the way home from a
family visit to buy some lucky dip tickets and it was one of those which hit 
the jackpot.

Please see these web sites:





My tragedy: There are no shops in the cemetary. And moreover, my beloved wife 
Ida, was hit by high blood pressure which ended up in paralyses of the right 
limbs, last friday - 1st February, 2008. The world has ended for me. My wife 
and i have just decided to distirbute the money to CHARITY. I am contacting you 
to be of charity with this money. I have lodged this money in one the leading 
banks in England here after collecting the won amount in cheque. This cheque 
has since cleared into my bank account. I want you to confirm that you will 
help me to distribute this money to CHARITY /CHARITY HOMES and MOTHERLESS 
BABIES HOMES in and around your location. I want you to also use this money as 
aid to poor waring countries especially in AFRICA where the rate of poverty is 
high. Please promise me you will do all these for me, my wife and for my soul 
so i can rest in peace when it is time.

Do give your phone number and Fax number so i can contact with the necessary 
vital documents for the claim and i would like to talk with you on phone too.

Send your reply to only this email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Yours in Charity,
Steve Smith.
Britain's National Lottery Winner 'Jan 2008 Edition'

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