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(new) libbtcore3_3.0.0.dfsg.1-1_i386.deb optional libs
BitTorrent Client Core Library for C++/Qt4/KDE4
 BitTorrent Client Core Library (libbtcore) is a C++/Qt4/KDE4 based
 implementation of the BitTorrent protocol. In addition, it provides many
 powerful BitTorrent network client features including but not limited to
 torrent downloading and seeding, torrent creation and downloaded data
 verification, advanced peer management, IP blocking lists, HTTP, UDP tracker
 and mainline DHT support.
 This public library is part of KTorrent. It provides core functionality for
 this BitTorrent client.
Changes: ktorrent (3.0.0.dfsg.1-1) experimental; urgency=low
  [ Modestas Vainius ]
  * New upstream stable release (3.0) for KDE4:
    - IPv6 support
    - SOCKSv4 and v5 support
    - The network interface to use, can now be selected
    - Alternative flat list mode to display the files of a torrent
    - Reorganization of the config dialog
    - Individual files of a torrent can now be moved
    - New queuemanager gui
  * Remove ktorrent-dbg from ktorrent Recommends. Ktorrent 3 is stable now
    (and I can confirm that from my experience).
  * Drop kdebase-runtime-data-common and kdebase-data from ktorrent
    Recommends, because actually kdebase-runtime-data-common is ktorrent
    dependency via kdebase-runtime-data. As a result, it makes no sence to
    recommend any alternatives too.
  * Remove RSS plugin from ktorrent description. It is not available in this
    release yet.
  * List more features in ktorrent description.
  * Resync patches:
    - 01_system_geoip_and_flags.diff - removed, merged upstream.
    - 02_kclosestnodessearch_cleanup.diff - removed, useless.
    - 03_trunk_pull_r769910.diff - removed, it was taken from upstream.
    - 04_pastedialog_support_remote_urls.diff - removed, merged upstream.
    - 05_infowidget_localizednumber.diff - removed, merged upstream.
  * Rename libbtcore2 to libbtcore3. Library changed soname though there was
    no real need. Anyway, I notified upstream but I'm doing the change this
    time. Modified files:
    - debian/rules, debian/control
    - debian/libbtcore2.symbols.amd64 -> debian/libbtcore3.symbols.amd64
    - debian/libbtcore2.install -> debian/libbtcore3.install
  * Internal libktcore library changed soname too. Adjust

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