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retitle 434278 KMyMoney2: Please recommend installation of online banking plugin
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found 434278 0.8.8-1
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retitle -1 RFP: kmymoney2-plugin-aqbanking -- KMyMoney2 plugin for online 
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The initial problem (#434278: online banking missing) isn't really
solved yet, thus I reopen this bug. A fix needs the presence of the
AqBanking plugin within Debian (which isn't packaged yet) and needs
KMyMoney to recommend its installation.

Apparently nobody worked on it yet. Thus I clone this bug as a RFP with
following package details:

* Package name    : kmymoney2-plugin-aqbanking
  Version         : 0.9.6beta
  Upstream Author : Martin Preuss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
* URL             :
* License         : GPL
  Description     : KMyMoney2 plugin for online banking

  KMyMoney is the Personal Finance Manager for KDE. It operates similar
  to MS-Money and Quicken, supports different account types,
  categorisation of expenses, QIF import/export, multiple currencies and
  initial online banking support.

  This package enables KMyMoney to retrieve transaction and account
  statements, transfer money using AqBanking (supports HBCI).


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