I'm very interested in having the AqBanking plugin for KMyMoney into
Debian (RFP [0]#468379). Thus I've done some initial packaging work,
which can be found on alioth ([1]). But whereas I filed the RFP bug I
don't feel like I'm the one taking responsibility for this package (for
reasons adumbrated below) -- at least not if I'm the only one. 

0.  http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=468379

Currently I see following issues left:

- I don't really understand the KDE/KMyMoney2 build system and the
  changes made by Debian.
- the package installs some documentation into /usr/share/doc/HTML/
  whereas kmymoney2 apparently installs such files into
  /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/. Probably the build system for the plugin
  package needs some tweaking too.
- lintian complains about ./usr/lib/kde3/kmm_kbanking.so defining an
  RPATH. This probably is also done by fixing the build system.

I would be quite happy if some of you folks could glimpse at what I've
done so far and give some advice how to make the package suitable for
upload. I would be even more happy if anybody (or even the entire KDE
Extras Team) is willing to take responsibility for this package as its
maintainer. Needless to say that I will help to Co-Maintain it. :-)


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