Am Montag 07 April 2008 schrieb Saulo Soares de Toledo:
> Package: kaffeine
> Version: 0.8.6-2
> Severity: important
> When I put a CD at drive, KDE only mount the disc in specific situations.
> For example, when I open Konqueror at CD/DVD folder.
> When I open Keffeine directily and try Open a file inside CD/DVD (audio,
> video etc.) I can't open! Only because the CD/DVD is not mounted yet!

It isn't kaffeine's job to mount/unmount discs. If you want to auto-mount your 
discs when inserting them you have to configure KDE accordingly (control 
center --> devices --> Storage Media).

Note that video dvds don't need to be mounted - just choose "open dvd" in the 
file menu (similarly for audio cds).

> I need open Konqueror and click the CD into media:// and the CD/DVD is
> mounted, then finally I can open my files into Kaffeine.


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