Hello All:

  You filed a bug report against kvirc Debian package which you can review at:


  We are very sorry not having answer you in such a long time. Unfortunately, 
resources devoted to this package have been shown insufficient and we hope 
that the situation improve now on.

  Debian has recently provided a new release of kvirc, kvirc 3.4.0 which is 
available in unstable and will shortly be present in lenny/testing as well.

  This bug report was opened some time ago and is reasonable that this new 
version solved the bug.

  We would appreciate you testing the new version and report back if the bug 
has been definitely solved or not in order to close this report or take 
further actions.

  Please, help us with your feedback. If we don't have any news from 
you in 30 days, we would consider that you accept that the bug can be closed 
because either it is solved or you are unable to reproduce it. Even if it is 
closed, you can reopen it any time if you think the problem is still present.

  Best regards, 
     Raúl Sánchez Siles
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