I can confirm the problem with the grayed-out start button here on a lenny 
machine. To trigger the bug, I have to do the following:
1) insert a CD (Audio or Data) in any of my drives
2) start k3b
3) select "copy CD"
4) The "target"-field states "insert empty CD", and it is impossible to 
select "use source drive for burning", which I want to do.

In particular if the comptuer is equipped with only one drive, k3b also 
prompts to insert an empty CD, which obviously is impossible because I would 
have to remove the source CD first.

The following scenario works for me without errors:
1) start k3b
2) select "copy CD"
3) insert source CD
4) it now is possible to select "use same device for burning".

Very annoying, as I use to insert the CD first, and if I did that mistake, I 
have to close k3b, remove the cd, and appy the workaround.
Copying however works without issues once I have been able to start the 


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