(new) eva_0.4.921+svn42-2.diff.gz optional kde
(new) eva_0.4.921+svn42-2.dsc optional kde
(new) eva_0.4.921+svn42-2_i386.deb optional kde
QQ IM protocol compatible client in KDE
 Eva is an awesome QQ compatible IM client. It is primarily written
 for KDE, but you can also use it outside KDE. Eva contains some
 powerful features, perfect for you to keep in touch with those
 friends who have not yet seen the light.
 Some random features:
  - File transfer
  - Custom-head picture downloading and displaying
  - Personal signature
  - Qun chatting
  - Auto replying
  - Screen capturing
  - QQ show displaying
Changes: eva (0.4.921+svn42-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * 08_translation_update.diff: Oops, while fixing English typos in source
    code, I forgot to update src/ui/evauserinfowidget.cpp too, and some
    English text slipped through in the Chinese interface.  Fixed.

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