> I would really appreciate it if you made use of the packaging Subversion
> repository on svn.debian.org. You should either commit your changes to
> svn.debian.org or remove the otherwise inappropriate VCS fields from the
> source package.

This kind of comments is *really* useless.

> Sorry for bothering again,

It starts to be the case. especially, when you cc'ed pkg-kde-extras ml ...

> but this is about making co-operation easy. 
> Bugs #482625 and #482629 could have been avoided by some more review in
> advance.

If you want to make co-operation easier, don't go this way.

Stop bothering people and be patient. You have sent a 1st mail thursday, I 
have tagged the related bug pending 2h ago and planned to upload a fixed 
package today.
By the way, I don't need your review. Thanks.



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