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Hi Fathi,

Fathi Boudra wrote:
> If you want to make co-operation easier, don't go this way.

Since you don't be that explicit I can only assume that "this way"
refers to me pushing hardly for SVN commits.

I'm sorry for this, but let me explain my motivation: The software
KMyMoney2 changed heavily from 0.8.9 to 0.9 and especially relevant for
me: changed the binary interfaces. This causes the AqBanking plugin to
cease working. To fix this, the plugin simply needs to be recompiled
against the new KMyMoney2 header files. I wanted to make sure all goes
well with the new KMyMoney2 0.9, hence I were asking you for the updated
packages in private. After I got these packages from you, I discovered
that they're missing the header files and investigated further, which
requirements for the AqBanking plugin package might be missing too, in
order to make my problem report (sent to you personally, because you've
made the upload - this might have been a mistake) as complete as
possible in order to give you the opportunity to fix the problem before
kmymoney2 got processed in NEW. If the most recent changes were commited
to SVN I would have had access to them without even bothering you. Now,
the kmymoney2 0.9-1 in unstable broke kmymoney2-plugin-aqbanking not
only by making it FTBFS but also by making it unusable (together with
kmymoney2 0.9-1).

Of course seeing all this happen in advance made me a little bit sad.
That's why I might have chosen the wrong wordings for getting it my way.
But in the end this only serves as an explanation and not at all as an
excuse for doing so.

Probably I should have communicated all this before. In the really end I
don't really need the most current SVN commits. But please, let's really
make co-operation a pleasure. As long as we're going to provide the
users a good experience, go ahead as you're used to. I will try to
accept it the way it's done in the kmymoney2 package and will do it my
way in my packages.

I hope we can now dismiss the bad mood against each other and have a
very well team play in the future.

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