On 2008-06-09 at 12:32:56, Michael Meskes wrote:
> Could anyone please tell me what happened to these releases? I wasn't
> able to find a single bit of information except that they both got
> tagged. Sid still has 1.0.4-8 which btw. fails to build with the newer
> expat-dev packages. 

These releases were stuck in the NEW queue for a while, but they have just
made it to unstable now.  The reason for sitting in NEW was that I synced
with the Ubuntu package and introduced a new package.

> Also I saw that there are quite some patches in the sources and not as
> single patches in the patches dir. I think this is strongly discouraged
> by policy. If a patch system is used all patches should be in there. 

You're right, these should be moved to patches (thanks for taking care of
this). In fact one of my goals when switching to the Ubuntu packaging was to
use their patch system to remove these source changes.


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