I am using Debian Sid in connection with k3b 1.0.5-2.1.

When I produce an ISO image for being loop-mounted on my server, containing 
the latest sid updates, the following error happens when trying to mount that 
ISO image for performing the upgrade on my workstations:

The file rights and the directory rights are being changed illegally, and thus 
make the whole ISO image simply unusable.

Trying to address the loop-mounted images from my workstations I get the 
following errors as a consequence of that buggy burning process: 403 Forbidden 403 

Those necessary files do exist in the appropriate places, but k3b reduces 
their file rights to read only. The directory rights I did not examine.

Now if I burn that ISO image with Nerolinux 3.5.1 or even k3b <= 1.0.4 those 
errors who are the consequence of an illegal change of file rights and 
directory rights (at least I suppose that this is the reason for the 
disaster) do not happen at all.


Can someone reading that reproduce that error?
If yes, can someone please fix it?

If you need further explanations please ask.



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