Package: soundkonverter

Severity: wishlist


-Fix: compile error with gcc 4.3
-Fix: filenames containing some special characters including '?' work again
-Fix: files added by 'add directory' or via context menu from konqueror 
and containing special characters will work now
-Fix: vfat compatible output names won't contain '/' anymore

-Add: sox plugin for aiff (thanks to Ron Fischler)
-Add: toolame and twolame plugins for mp2 encoding
-Add: amr decoding with ffmpeg
-Add: Improved Polish translation (thanks to MichaƂ Smoczyk)
-Add: Reading writing composer/disc number tags for tta files
-Add: A user script can be executed after each file has been converted 
(->config dialog->general->user script)
-Add: Hungarian and Italian translations (thanks to the language teams 
at launchpad)
-Fix: Flake plugin
-Fix: Wavpack encoding
-Fix: Dropping folders works again
-Fix: Use the current language's decimal symbol for oggenc
-Fix: Progress for lame abr/cbr encoding
-Fix: mp4v2 works now
-Fix: soundkonverter won't display wrong backends in the config dialog 
any more
-Fix: And a lot more ...
-Change: Use --vbr-new for lame
-Change: Use extension to determine file type if no mime type file was found

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