Alle mercoledì 9 luglio 2008, Ana Guerrero ha scritto:
Alle mercoledì 9 luglio 2008, hai scritto:
>The KDE3 version is still available as ktorrent2.2 AFAICT.

> ktorrent of kde3 have been renamed ktorrent2.2, there is already part of
> KDE 4 in unstable (and even testing!), that are perfeclty installable along
> with your KDE 3 system without breaking anything (or that we home :D). It
> is not full KDE 4, just the libraries.
> Ana

Dear Developers,

Thank you for your quick reply. From your message I understand that the 
solution is simple, however maybe it was better to rename the new ktorrent 
(v3.x) instead of the "old" one (v2.2). This just seems matter of personal 
choice, but I've been confused by it (I admit I'm a poor user :)). If you 
don't want to change the package name, then you can close this bug just now. 


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