3) That would certainly solve the permissions problem, and is perhaps 
preferable to making the libgphoto2.rules even larger than it is. The 
order of the two rules files would still need to be swapped.

- Bruce

On Wed July 9 2008 08:27:52 pm Mark Purcell wrote:
> Bruce,
> Thanks for the report. I'm looking after digikam and hplip so can
> help there.
> Upstream hplip is set 4 root.lp but we have changed that in Debian to
> lp.scanner which is also causing issues and i'm considering reverting
> to upstream defaults.
> I'll have a more detailed look tonight.
> Mark
> -original message-
> Subject: [Pkg-hpijs-devel] Digikam stopped detecting my HP Photosmart
> camera... 
> From: Bruce Sass <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> So, afaict:
> 1) the PhotoTools Maintainers can fix this problem by renaming 025_*
> to (say) z60_* and adding (perhaps) OWNER="root" to each entry.
> 2) the HPLIP Maintainers can fix the problem by getting upstream to
> provide individual idProduct codes (which may or may not require the
> cooperation of the manufacturer).

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