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I happen to be able to reproduce the crash (but by looking at the partial
backtrace provided by the original reporter I believe it might actually be
something different).

The sole difference is that it only crashes when I close my KDE session
(/QUIT'ing before closing the session; haven't tested leaving the
connections open), not when I use the Quit option from the tray icon menu.

> Thursday 10 July 2008, cobra rašė:
>> konversation crashes on close or logoff with SIGSEGV
> Please install konversation-dbg and kdelibs-dbg and repost a proper
> backtrace.

Backtrace attached.

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Using host libthread_db library "/lib/i686/cmov/".
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread 0xb68326c0 (LWP 4529)]
[KCrash handler]
#6  0xb71590e9 in QPalette (this=0xbf958c10, [EMAIL PROTECTED])
    at kernel/qpalette.cpp:704
#7  0xb70f3a69 in QApplication::style () at kernel/qapplication.cpp:1268
#8  0xb717fa05 in QWidget::style (this=0x9f807a8) at kernel/qwidget.cpp:1304
#9  0xb7259162 in QScrollBar::rangeValueToSliderPos (this=0x9f807a8, v=0)
    at widgets/qscrollbar.cpp:846
#10 0xb725925e in QScrollBar::positionSliderFromValue (this=0x9f807a8)
    at widgets/qscrollbar.cpp:835
#11 0xb7259beb in QScrollBar::valueChange (this=0x9f807a8)
    at widgets/qscrollbar.cpp:405
#12 0xb7257d59 in QRangeControl::setValue (this=0x9f8081c, value=0)
    at widgets/qrangecontrol.cpp:203
#13 0xb7258457 in QScrollBar::setValue (this=0x9f807a8, i=0)
    at widgets/qscrollbar.cpp:1056
#14 0xb725d8a2 in QScrollView::setContentsPos (this=0x9f800a0, x=0, y=0)
    at widgets/qscrollview.cpp:2002
#15 0xb721ace2 in QListBox::clear (this=0x9f800a0)
    at widgets/qlistbox.cpp:1626
#16 0xb722106a in ~QListBox (this=0x9f800a0) at widgets/qlistbox.cpp:1048
#17 0xb7185cdb in ~QWidget (this=0x9f7fe60) at kernel/qwidget.cpp:976
#18 0xb71e31f0 in ~QComboBox (this=0x9f7fe60) at widgets/qcombobox.cpp:603
#19 0xb7185cdb in ~QWidget (this=0x9f7fa18) at kernel/qwidget.cpp:976
#20 0xb7486e95 in ~QHBox (this=0x9f7fa18)
    at .moc/release-shared-mt/../../widgets/qframe.h:51
#21 0xb7185cdb in ~QWidget (this=0x9f73a70) at kernel/qwidget.cpp:976
#22 0x0810b110 in ~StatusPanel (this=0x9f73a70)
#23 0x0817d03c in ~Server (this=0x9f5a600)
    at /tmp/buildd/konversation-1.1~svn824769/./konversation/src/server.cpp:158
#24 0xb715035b in ~QObject (this=0x9d4a1b0) at kernel/qobject.cpp:500
#25 0x0809b717 in ~ConnectionManager (this=0x9d4a1b0)
#26 0xb715035b in ~QObject (this=0xbf959110) at kernel/qobject.cpp:500
#27 0xb70f605d in ~QApplication (this=0xbf959110)
    at kernel/qapplication.cpp:1138
#28 0xb6dc6559 in ~KApplication (this=0xbf959110)
    at /build/buildd/kdelibs-3.5.9.dfsg.1/./kdecore/kapplication.cpp:1652
#29 0xb6dc676f in ~KUniqueApplication (this=0xbf959110)
    at /build/buildd/kdelibs-3.5.9.dfsg.1/./kdecore/kuniqueapplication.cpp:351
#30 0x0816e2aa in main (argc=165057856, argv=0x9f7aef8)
    at /tmp/buildd/konversation-1.1~svn824769/./konversation/src/main.cpp:115
#31 0xb78ac450 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/cmov/
#32 0x0807af71 in _start ()

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