On Fri July 11 2008 02:47:16 am Mark Purcell wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jul 2008, Bruce Sass wrote:
> > gphoto requires GROUP == plugdev,
> > HPLIP requires GROUP == scanner
> > neither seem to care about OWNER
> > afaict
> HPLIP doesn't require GROUP == scanner, it just requires that the
> user has some access to the device in question..
> Perhaps it would just be simpler to setup the hplip udev rules to set
> GROUP == plugdev.

Hehe, I was wondering when gphoto (etc.) were going to get around to 
setting GROUP=camera.

If everything which plugs into a USB port gets assigned to group plugdev 
we will lose the ability to use group membership to control access... 
or am I missing something?

I can easily envision a scenario (e.g. an office environment) where 
pretty much everyone should be able to access a scanner, but pretty 
much nobody is allowed to plug in their camera and use the companies 
resources to process gigabytes of vacation pictures.

- Bruce

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