Debian is planning to freeze  applications for the next stable release 'lenny' 
at the end of July. However this may be slipping.

If 0.9.4 final can be released before the end of the month that would assist 
migration into lenny.

Have a good holiday.

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Subject: [Digikam-devel] hollidays and 0.9.4 final release...
From: "Gilles Caulier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 12/07/2008 20:09

Hi all,

I'm going to my parent's home today for hollidays near Mediterranean
sea. I'm come back at home in 2 weeks. During this time, i will work
with my laptop without an internet connection (excepted under Vista
with an RTC modem).

I will be able to respond to mail but not to commit on svn.

For the 0.9.4 final release, i cannot do it until last week of July,
not before. If somebody can do it before, feel free to release digiKam
0.9.4, following usual PACKAGING instructions.


Gilles Caulier
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