On Fri, 18 Jul 2008, Jasper Mackenzie wrote:
> Cheers Mark,

Yes good to get it into the repo..

>   I cant find it in the repo's yet. Do you have a link to somewhere so I
> can try your build.
> I finally got digikam to build without constant crashing! I guess your the
> same. The view fullsize image isnt working...

While it is being loaded you can find it at http://incoming.debian.org

> If/when I try your deb do you want me to start firing issues at you? 

I'm not going to have much time in the next week, holidays, so there won't be 
much action on my behalf.  Still need to see if I have 3G (380k) or GPRS 
(30k) access where I'm going.

> How do I separate the debian relateed issues (i.e your issues ) from 
> the digikam-dev issues.

If it has to do with the packaging, location of files and integration with the 
Debian KDE4, then please file on the Debian BTS.

Issues with the functionality of digikam please refer to digikam-dev.  If you 
think it is a big usability issue and other Debian users would benefit then 
you can file a bug in the BTS and then file it as forwarded to your upstream 
bug report on bugs.kde.org.


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