[ Cced Bertrand Songis (the current maintainer), Aurelien Jarno (former
maintainer) and the Debian KDE extras team (possible adopter?) ]

On 17/07/08 at 20:26 +0200, forwarded by www.sneakemail.com wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> could you please check whether this problem still exists with v0.7.11?

It fails with 0.7.10-1.1 (currently in Debian unstable).

> I wonder because I did not see that issue on any od my test systems,  
> using my upstream clean sources (I always make build tests on different  
> distributions/platforms before releasing a new version, including 
> Debian).

That might be specific to the Debian packaging. Do you know if
Bertrand Songis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> is still active? It's the only
package he maintains in Debian.

If he isn't, it might be better to orphan the package and see if someone
is interested in picking it up.
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