Package: wlassistant
Version: 0.5.7-2
Severity: important
Usertags: proposed-orphan

Dear Maintainers,

While reviewing some packages, your package came up as a package that
should maybe be orphaned by its maintainer, because:

        * long standing RC bugs without any reaction from the
        * as a matter of fact, no reactions to any of the open
          bugs from any maintainer
        * according to svnbuildstat, no relevant activity in
          SVN either

If you think that it should be removed from Debian instead of being
orphaned, please reply to this bug and tell so.

If you disagree and want to continue to maintain this package, please
close this bug and do an upload also fixing the other issues.
Also, you can study the possibility of taking co-maintainers.

If you agree that it should be orphaned, send the following commands
to [EMAIL PROTECTED] (replace nnnnnn with this bug's number):

severity nnnnnn normal
reassign nnnnnn wnpp
retitle nnnnnn O: <packagename> -- <short package description>

If you think it should be removed, send the following commands instead:

severity nnnnnn normal
reassign nnnnnn
retitle nnnnnn RM: <packagename> -- RoM; <reasons> 

For more information, see

Thank you,
Frank Lichtenheld <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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