It appears that Debian's K3b can handle 24-bit FLAC files if the 
libsndfile plugin is included in the build.

I have tested this by:
1. installing libsndfile1-dev (a missing Build-Depends?)
2. adding
3. building then running K3b
4. adding 24-bit FLAC files to an audio CD project, where they appear as
  Type: "FLAC (FLAC Lossless Audio Codec)"
  [16-bit FLAC files appear as Type: "FLAC"]
5. disabling the libsndfile plugin and confirming that 24-bit FLAC files
  are no longer supported
6. burning an audio CD from 24-bit FLAC files then listening to the
  result, which sounded good
7. and just to make sure:
$ strings /usr/lib/ | grep "FLAC (FLAC"
FLAC (FLAC Lossless Audio Codec)

$ ldd /usr/lib/ =>  (0xb7fd9000) => /usr/lib/ (0x4f826000) => /usr/lib/ (0x410df000) => /lib/i686/cmov/ (0x4e0e7000) => /lib/i686/cmov/ (0x4df8a000)
        /lib/ (0x80000000)
$, it may still be a K3b FLAC plugin bug and this is just a 
workaround if libsndfile doesn't do anything special with 24-bit FLAC 

It would be interesting to know if Sebastian Trueg sees "FLAC" or "FLAC 
(FLAC Lossless Audio Codec)" as the Type in K3b; if he sees "FLAC" then 
there is likely a problem with Debian's flac, if they are being 
processed by libsndfile and it does not do anything special then it 
could be a K3b FLAC plugin or flac problem.

I should also mention that my build included the ffmpeg decoder (-dev 
files from and lame encoder plugins, and I 
needed to install over two dozen new packages by the time I finished 
satisfying all the dependencies (I can now drop .wma files into an 
audio CD project and bug #498767, "Dragging files to audiocd dialog 
crashes K3b", has magically disappeared [which was the reason I was 
building K3b myself])--so there is the possibility that something else 
is having an effect.


- Bruce

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