More and more people joins in kde-extras. Some to take full part, some to just 
maintain their few packages.

For newcomers at least, I think, a policy about do's and don't would be nice.
 - what and where to commit
 - when to (not) add yourself to uploaders
 - and all other things.

And it would also be nice for me to know exactly what to do and not do when 
trying to introduce new people to kde packaging.

The kde-extras repo is organized as kde-extras/$package/{branches,tags,trunk}.

Basically, I would suggest the following:

In general, people with commit access are allowed to commit everywhere and 
should make sure that they are in the Uploaders field and make sure to also 
note the changes in the changelog. Major changes should be discussed with 
existing people in Uploaders fiellld.
If some packages should be restricted, the people in uploaders field can add a 
file called kde-extras/$package/commit-policy where commit policies can be 
described in free form text, and can also include policies for uploading the 

Comments welcome, including "I don't think this is needed".

Genius, I'm not able to remove the GUI, how does it work?

You neither should ever turn on the RW tower over a graphic hardware, nor need 
to explore a cache to debug the utility.

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