> Irrelevant how? I agree, this is my first bug report for debian, but
> it's obviously abnormal behaviour, hence something is amiss...shouldn't
> this be fixed?

If you think it is a bug, please elaborate :
  - does it go into infinite loops eating 100% of the CPU ?
  - is it specific to a function ? Is there a way to reproduce it ?

If the problem is that it just takes more CPU power than ktorrent2 for normal 
operation without any other odd behaviour, then there is nothing we (debian 
packagers) can do about it. Applications ported to KDE4 are less optimised in 
their first release, but it gets better with time.

Please be more verbose on your next bug reports and don't forget to CC 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] when replying to get your mail archived.
I am sorry if it sounded harsh.

Xavier Vello

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