reopen 502071
found 502071 3.1.3+dfsg.2-1 3.2~~svn862155-1
severity 502071 normal
tags 502071 pending upstream

antradienis 14 Spalis 2008, Aioanei Rares rašė:
> Well, I am sorry wasn't the most detailed report ever :) The
> problem seems to have
> disappeared now, but when i sent my bug report all I had to do was to start
> ktorrent and, without any downloading, searching, etc., and it used ~90% of
> CPU time constantly. If any more problems occur, I'll notify about it.
This looks like the problem reported at 
Quoting main ktorrent developer:

"It is fixed now, it was an infinite loop of failed DNS lookups in the UDP 
tracker code.
Fix will be part of 3.1.4 which is going to be out this weekend."

And please be more specific in your bug reports. Your original report didn't 
contain enough information, but followups did clear up situation a bit.

Modestas Vainius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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