I have the same issue here, and in another form it has also been reported 
as Debian Bug #463711

and elsewhere

(as reported in the other bug)
The KDE framework doesn't ask me for a pin but it also doesn't work from 
the command line as described in #463711

This issue is happening to me since at least a year, it was working fine 
before!! And yes, i checked tons of different settings, googled for it, 
spent hours on it and cannot find anything wrong in my setup. It simply 
doesn't work :-(
Devices which were paired earlier continue to work fine!! it is just new 
devices which i want to add which make problems!

No messages at all in any logs, in particular nothing logged 
in /var/log/daemon.log  after hcid started.

BTW: the workarrounds which worked for some people here didn't work for me 
either. Neither HIDD_ENABLED=1, nor 
    # hidd --connect 00:19:7F:0F:24:FD
    Can't get device information: Success

(great error message! ;-P)

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