pirmadienis 03 Lapkritis 2008, Renato S. Yamane rašė:
> So... To me, this means that ktorrent is unusable.
> Users don't know what is UDP and ktorrent can made computer slowly and
> drain all battery (laptop) charge in a litle bit time.
Get the version from unstable.

> If samba "eat" 90% of CPU, I think that developers will fix this to
> Lenny, so I think that we need the same action to ktorrent too.
Frankly, 3.1.1 has many bugs including crashes, webinterface security and this 
one. Even 3.1.4 is not perfect and crash bugs (new ones, not regressions) 
still keep popping up. 3.1.4 has too many changes so it cannot be accepted 
during freeze and I see absolutely no reason to mess with 3.1.1, it's just too 
painful. Until Lenny is released, use package from unstable and when Lenny is 
released, I'll make sure the latest 3.1.x release is available from 
backports.org. That's the best I can do.

Oh, and you have 2.2.x as an alternative in the ktorrent2.2 package.

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