> Flo is developing to quickly at this 
> point I think it would 
> frustrate users to have to wait for a debian release 
> to get its latest features.

Debian stable releases are not the only time users get updates.

We have an experimental distribution for real bleeding edge stuff.

We have the unstable distribution were most packages in though and after 10 
without release critical bugs packages migrate to the testing distribution.

Then every couple of years we freeze the testing distribution, polish, and make 
a stable release.

Debian users use different distributions dependant on the risk profile they 
would like. Many people track unstable and get upstream releases when they 
occur. Others prefer to wait the 10 day soak time and only track testing, and 
of course lots like the production quality of stable.

I think flo would match the other packages we have in unstable & testing, so it 
could be a good candidate.

You get a potential larger user base, wider testing and more bug reports :-)

Of course you can host your own packages, but we prefer to work with upstream.


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