"Cristian Greco" wrote:
>Hi all,
>I'm working for a new upload of deluge[0] (bittorrent client).
>The source tarball includes a GeoLite Country (binary) database by
>MaxMind, which should be distributed using the license[1] below.
>I've found that ktorrent (CCing to pkg-kde-extras, please CC your
>replies because I'm not subscribed) uses the same DB by MaxMind, but
>that license has been considered non DFSG-free two years ago by the
>Well, the actual license seems to be different from the previous one,
>and in particular it probably lacks of the non DFSG-compliant text.

The licence text as shown has no DFSG issues. The avdertising clause is 
but it does not make it non-free.

If and only if the other licenses really do not apply to the data,
and that upstream is not just lying by not showing those notices anymore,
then there is no problem with the data being included in main.

>1) Is this license really suitable for distribution in main now?
>2) If so, what about ktorrent? Should they update their copy of the
>database in order to avoid source repackaging?

>From your other message it sounds like ktorrent may still have another
reason to repackage, so little is gained by updating the copy. If that
is not the case, then updating the copy to avoid repackaging sounds
like a good idea.

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