On Thursday 04 December 2008 09:12, Richard Hartmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> can you provide a rsibreak4 package which packages 0.9.0 as
> well, please? It's the KDE 4 version of rsibreak 0.8.0 on which
> my wrists have come to rely quite heavily.
We've been packaging the 0.9 beta releases in Kubuntu.  I just updated it to 
the final.  The source package should be largely suitable for Debian 
Experimental and can be found at:


The debian/cdbs dir will have to be re-added and debian/rules fiddled some 
kde.mk is in the Ubuntu cdbs, so we don't need that anymore), but I think 
that's the only major thing.  

In debian/watch there is some versionmangle magic needed not to think beta5 is 
the newest version, but I got far to little sleep last night to be trying to 
understand regex today.

So it's certainly not perfect, but in the hopes that it makes your packaging 
efforts a bit easier ...

Scott K

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