Package: kile
Version: 2.0.1, using KDE 3.5.10

When I type the \cite command in Kile to invoke a bibliographical reference in 
a LaTeX document, the auto completion dropdown window comes up, which is the 
expected behaviour. But if I select the \cite{} command from the list, the 
auto completion feature crashes and the from that point onward this dropdown 
never comes up again. Selecting this command seems to disable the auto 
completion feature. In order to fix this problem I have to restart Kile.

I have added other variations of the \cite command to Kile, such as 
\citet[option]{param}, and these do not create any problems. It's only the 
default command that ships with Kile which crashes the auto completion 

I am using Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (unstable), kernel 2.6.26-686.


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