We are currently dual maintaining bindings for KDE3 and KDE4 for Kubuntu.  It 
would be nice to drop the KDE3 bindings sooner rather than later and they have 
very few reverse depends or build-dep.

I have included the people in Ubuntu/Kubuntu who have mostly been dealing with 
the packages in question.  In the case of spl and soundkonverter, that's the 
Debian Maintainer (I believe that Debian will face this same question as soon 
as Lenny is released).  Here's what I find in Jaunty (the current Ubuntu 
development release) at present (note: this is not based on a deep 
understanding of each package - I only had time to scratch the surface, so 
please correct me where I'm wrong):

reverse-build-depends libsmokeqt-dev
spl - Builds a spl-kde binary.  It appears that neither of the spl-dev reverse 
build-depends use the KDE bindings.  My proposal would be to simply drop the 
KDE bindings if there is not an update to KDE4 bindings when we're ready to 
remove the package.

Reverse Depends:
Both of these are just suggests.  Is there any real harm for these packages if 
python-dcop goes away?

Reverse Depends:
Is there a plan to transition this to libkorundum4-ruby1.8?  This looks like a 
package that actually needs the bindings from KDE3 for now.  Is upstream 
working on porting it?

Reverse Depends:
  amarok-common/amarok - This goes away once we move the amarok package to 
amarok 2, right?

  soundkonverter-amarok - Once we switch to amarok 2, I'm guessing this will 
need to be ported to libqt4-ruby1.8?  I see upstream says a KDE4 version of 
soundkonverter is in progress, but gives no schedule.

Looking this over, it seems to me that kita2 is the only major roadblock to 
removing kdebindings for KDE3 entirely once the transition to amarok2 is 
complete.  Is that correct?

Scott K

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