Mark Hymers <> (03/01/2009):
> I've just tried to reproduce this on lenny on an hppa and the package
> builds perfectly fine.
> I've attached a build log for reference.

Looking at the (failed) build log, it looks like $HOME could be set to a
non-existing directory, which makes the creation of ~/.qt (probably done
through an equivalent of “mkdir ~/.qt”, without “-p”) fail:
| QSettings: error creating /nonexistent/.qt
| QSettings: error creating /nonexistent/.qt
| QSettings: error creating /nonexistent/.qt
| QSettings::sync: filename is null/empty

There are some patches for this kind of situation in Gnome/Gtk-related
packages. I'll try and reproduce that bug with a local sbuild.

I'm not sure about the other errors.


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