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> owner 428704
Bug 428704 [debian-installer] debian-installer: 'Partition does not exist' 
after fresh installation.
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> owner 374960
Bug 374960 [dpsyco-ssh] dpsyco-ssh: update-dpsyco gives an error related to 
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> owner 389372
Bug 389372 [kdesvn] kdesvn: Crash when operating on repositories after local 
iso8859-15->utf-8 change.
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> owner 391904
Bug 391904 [codeine] codeine: Codeine crash on close after playing a video
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> owner 411485
Bug 411485 [tar] tar: Segment violation when file list specfified with -T 
contains empty lines.
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> owner 410787
Bug 410787 [debootstrap] debootstrap: Wrong example in man page.
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> owner 391359
Bug 391359 [] package view could have a link 
to the upstream changelog
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> owner 402890
Bug 402890 [aptitude] aptitude: Improve progress estimation.
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> owner 414554
Bug 414554 [reportbug] reportbug: Improve attached file path readline behaviour.
Bug 376810 [reportbug] reportbug could provide support for tab-completion of ~ 
Bug 451041 [reportbug] reportbug: tab completion for attachments doesn't work 
for filenames with spaces
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