Thomas Baumgart schrieb:
> On Thursday 22 January 2009 14:42:47 Martin Preuss wrote:
>> The proxy support only concerns libgwenhywfar, it is transparent to all
>> layers above it. So if KmyMoney is compiled against gwenhywfar 3.7.0 it
>> should transparently support HTTP proxies (just define the environment
>> variable as in "GWEN_PROXY=myproxy.org:8080").
> So I suggest that we change KBanking to setup this environment variable from 
> the KDE settings each time it executes a job. Then the setting would be 
> transparent for the user and stored in a common place.

Yes, this should be a possible way to cope with KDE proxy settings.
You shouldn't overwrite any existing GWEN_PROXY setting though...


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