On Mon, 2009-01-12 at 21:56:39 +0100, wp5804-info wrote:
> Subject: kdebluetooth ceased recognising dongle after upgrade
> Package: kdebluetooth
> Version: 1.0~beta8-5
> Severity: important

> After the last upgrade (which lifted bluez-utils from the previous version
> to 3.36-3), kdebluetooth claims that "No Bluetooth Adapter" is present,
> even
> if a bluetooth USB dongle (identified as "Integrated System Solution Corp. 
> KY-BT100 Bluetooth Adapter" by lsusb), which used to get properly
> recognised 
> before,is plugged in. However, synchronizing with a mobile phone is still
> possible using msynctool.

You have to add any users that need to access the bluetooth devices
via D-Bus (e.g. kdebluetooth) to the netdev group, like this:

  # addgroup USER netdev

then restart your session so that this takes effect.

> Hope it was ok to report this for the kdebluetooth package, since this is
> where the problem became manifest, even if it occured after a bluez-utils
> upgrade.

Hmm, I'm not sure the kdebluetooth maintainers can do much about this.
bluez-utils already provides a NEWS.Debian entry explaining the problem,

I'm not sure if d-i adds the default user to netdev. And maybe this
should be mentioned in the release-notes if it's not yet, so that people
doing an upgrade do not get bitten by this.


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