On Tuesday 17 February 2009 08:49:23 you wrote:
> It is taking a bit more time to work on merging with Debian, as I have lots
> of activities in KDE KIPI Plugins (due to freeze after rc2) and Kubuntu
> (feature freeze in couple of days). :-(

NO problem.  I have pushed rc2 into Debian experimental, but we can do as many 
subsequent releases as we like.  Also I like to work you are going upstream on 
kipi, so happy for your priority to be there :-)

> I have good and bad news:
> - good: I see no major difference in content between current Ubuntu package
> and Debian SVN (will list notable changes)


> - bad: ubuntu uses kde4.mk and need to switch to pkg-kde-tools

That could be better for a whole bunch of reasons (Cc:ed) 

> In general, Debian package (in SVN) is the right base, but I see the
> following changes that can be merged from Ubuntu:
> - Depends: drop kde-icons-oxygen (anyway dependency through
> kdebase-runtime) 

Yes agreed.

> - Recommends: add kipi-plugins (well deserved as it
> provides a lot of functionality)


> - digikamthemedesigner.manpage (missing manpage added by me)


> - Do not ship scalable icons (svgz): they just occupy space, but not used
> (not sure what is debian's policy regarding this - I may also fix install
> rule in upstream SVN as this currently work in progress - see [1]).

That isn't a problem as far as debian policy goes.

> I can commit the above changes to Debian SVN, but I cannot conclude on
> final package until I resolve Ubuntu switch to pkg-kde-tools and probably
> also icons changes upstream (I plan to do this in next couple of days).

Great I look forward to your commits.

> Anyway, I still hope that with final release (planned for March 8), we will
> be able to just do sync from Debian instead of doing own package.

I look forward to it ;-)


> [1] http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/digikam-devel/2009-February/026587.html

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